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Meerschaum Cigar Holder 89-3301
This old meerschaum and amber (at least I think it's amber)
takes about a cheroot size and it still works, but I must say, I
think of it more as a collector's piece than as a working
holder.  It's about 4 1/4" long, and the opening 15/32 or an inch
or just shy of 1/2".  On the other side of the stem, near the
button is a dark, rough spot.  $15.
H.S. Studio #419138
Although there are red undertones to this pipe, it looks a tad
darker and blacker in person.  It's close, though.  The draw is
wide open and a cleaner goes smoothly through to the bowl.  
The forward cant is typically associated with a Cutty, but I would
call this bowl a canted Egg.  The overall size is certainly a Grp.
4, but the chamber is small and narrow, but it is deep.  New.
5.8" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 7/8 oz., 25 grams. $125.
The Sheikh of Araby #45158AG
I have no idea if this figure is intended to be a Sheik...the owner
thinks it might be an Algerian (carved, of course, from Algerian
briar).  The bowl has two-tone stain, probably no small task &
inlaid glass bead eyes of the best quality.  The pipe is French
made & the stem is bone.  It's in exc. cond., with an open draw.
5.5" long, bowl 2.35" tall. Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 75 grams. Used. $75
H.S. Studio #419142
A carved finish with no stain in a Group 3 size. The air hole is
right at the bottom of the chamber and a pipe cleaner goes
right through.  The draw is open.  The one flaw is that despite
4.75" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 39 grams. $125
IMP Meerschaum #529-238
Large, about a large Grp. 6 size.  The high quality stone is
complemented by an open draw, which is a hallmark of the IMP
meerschaums because the construction includes a standard
push-pull stem and not the typical Turkish approach, which
ends up being an impediment comfortable puffing.  New.
6" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 55 grams. $285.
H.S. Studio #419145
A solid display of straight grain, no fills and an open draw typify
this 1/4 bent briar.  It's a group 5 in size with a flat, comfortable
stem.  There is a double trim, which looks like Boxwood and
perhaps a white acrylic, but also quite possibly a bone.  New.
5.5" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 45 grams. $125
H.S. Studio #419128
Here is the start of something completely different...briar pipes
made by hand in China.  We were afforded the opportunity to
look at some of the work H.S. Studios is doing, and were very
impressed at what they are turning out considering the value.
This pipe is not large, maybe a Group 4 in terms of the
chamber capacity.  The draw is open, and with just a twist at
the end of the cleaner, it goes right through.  The stem is flat
and comfortable, is vulcanite and appears to be hand cut. The
photo picked up the red in the plateau top, but in actuality, the
rim is only reddish toned, and definitely not a bright red. New.
5.4" long, bowl 1.55" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 40 grams. $125
IMP Meerschaum #1112248
What the reason for the 2nd, churchwarden-like stem is I have
no idea, but happily, you get a fine, open draw from either of the
stems, providing further testimony to the value of good con-
struction on meerschaums.  That, along with fine quality
meerschaum, is the hallmark of the IMP brand.  New.
5.95" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $255.
St. Gervais #117160AG
St. Gervais was a 2nd Century Martyr (although I'm not sure
what he died for, except that Rome, at the time, was not as big a
booster of Catholicism as it is now) & is the patron saint of Milan.
That ain't bad.  This is a very well carved briar, and the grain is
good, too.  The bottom is an interesting Bird's Eye.  Other than
the chip out of his cloak, the cond. is exc.  The draw is open.
For a collector of carved briars, this is a worthwhile piece. Used.
6.25" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 61 grams. $45.
IMP Meerschaum #92008
As I was fooling around with a different camera and had not
managed to establish how to properly illuminate the pipes, I
thought I would experiment with the black background of a pipe
case to create a contrast.  The result?  As you can see, could
be better, could be worse.  I hope you get enough of an idea of
this pipe's shape.  Constructive criticism is not solicited.   This
is large enough to have a chamber that easily takes my thumb.
The quality of the steon is clearly excellent and as with all IMP
meerschaums, the construction is a la briar, so the draw is
open.  Yes, it comes in a custom case, which I forgot to shoot.
6.25" long, bowl 2.6" tall.  Weight: 3 5/8 oz., 103 grams. $315.
Some Older Pease Tins
as well as Piccadilly, Charing Cross, Stratford &
Blackpoint are all from 2003 and all $40 each.  Also available
are Mephisto, Friedman & Pease Fez, Tribute.  Except for the
Tribute, which Pease put out in 2001, the others are from 2003
and all cost $75 per tin.  Ask if I've confused you.
Butz Choquin #52942
This briar Calabash-shaped pipe is in very good cond., with
only a little carbon residue around the rim and merest bit of
tooth chatter on the bottom of the vulcanite stem.  The draw is
open and the chamber capacity is large for this Grp.4 size
pipe.  The stem is vulcanite.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $35.
Disposable Pipe Lighter #822328..Low, Low Price.
just 2,500,000 of these, I'll be a millionaire.  Nothing like having
a goal in life.  Anyhow, there might be something in it for you.
These are your typical dispensable, non-refillable butane
lighters, with the added benefit of having an adjustable valve
that can be put at a 90 degree angle so as to provide a flame
fit for a pipe.  The maker tells me that the 45 degree angle is
best for lighting a cigar.  I would rather sell these, one or more,
along with a pipe purchase, as the cost of postage and a pad-
ded envelope would be about doubling the price.  I have been
using one since the pipe trade show in mid-July and it I like it.
It certainly takes the stress out of traveling with your Old Boy. $1
IMP Meerschaum #920014
More pics will follow.  This is very handsomely shaped...just
gentle curves on this Grp. 5.  A cleaner goes go through the
pipe and the draw is open.  The stone is clean and of high
quality, as are all IMP meerschaums.  comes in fitted case. New.
5.7" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 48 grams. $175.
Calabash #1214274
Quite large, and for specifics on that score, I ask you to look at
the stats at the end of this description.  The condition is very
good...no bite marks on the stem, a clean cup on the bottom.  It
does have one serious problem which I hope to be able to cor-
rect, and that is an uncharacteristically tight draw.  The problem
is with a small air channel in the stem and not with any
constriction in the gourd, so there's a good chance I can open
the airway and make this a fine smoking pipe.  Used.
Approx. 7.5" across from bowl to stem end. Weight: 3.5 oz. $95.
Old Bakkelite Cigar Holder #623-153
At least I think it's Bakkelite.  What else could it be?  It holds
a 35 ring gauge cigar (or an extra big doobie, if you're so
inclined.  These days, you're probably more acceptable to
society as a marijuana smoker than as a cigar smoker).  Is
that the size of a Panatela or a Lonsdale?  I used to know all
that when I had the store, but I've thankfully forgotten.  Well,
you know what you smoke.  2.55" long.  $10.
IMP Meerschaum #529-241
Handsomely carved, but you can see that.  It's about a Grp. 5
size, with the open draw that makes these meerchaums the
best in the market place.  New.
6.5" long. Weight: 1.5 oz., 42 grams. $240.
BC Chambord #210146
When looking at the side of this pipe that doesn't have the "BC"
logo on it, it makes me think of a Kai Nielsen.  It has a brindle
stem and sterling band.  The cond. is exc. & it's either a large
Grp. 5 or  small Grp. 6, but my thumb does fit into the chamber.
The draw is open & a cleaner goes straight through.  Used.
5.55" long. Weight: 2 oz., 56 grams. $45.
Senatorov #117310CO
Comfortable to hold in both the hand and the mouth, the stem
is flat and the draw is wide-open.  The cross-grain is positioned
at the front and back of the bowl and across the shank, nearly
perfectly.  Ebonite stem.  Grp. 4 size.  New.
5.15" long, bowl 1.5" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $285.
Old Cigar Holders #89122 &127 (Kaywoodie is sold)
The Kaywoodie holder does have some wavy tooth marks on
the top & bottom of the stem, but the photos make them look
more prominent than they are.  There is the typical Kaywoodie
stinger, with threads, protruding from the stem.  The holder
takes a ring gauge of 38.  It's 2.65" long. $10
The red bakkelite holder takes a 32 ring gauge cigar and is
2.45" long.  Each holder is $10.
Bakkelite Cigar Holder #89139
this is a deeper red and more translucent than the cigar holder
in the photo above.  It's longer, too.  The ring gauge is 36 and
the length of the entire holder is 3.5."  Again, $10. (OBO).
Senatarov #210-107CO
Grp. 3 in size, with an open draw and construction that allows
the pipe to easily take a cleaner to the chamber bottom.  Bad
memory makes me forget the name of the exotic wood trim at
the end of the shank, but I think it's called Wild Palm, according
to a good correspondent from Australia. New.
4.5" long, bowl 1.4" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 41 grams. $165.
Senatorov #117300CO
Grp. 3 size, or small 4, with a deep, ring grain blast all around
the bowl.  Open draw and well enough constructed so that a
cleaner easily passes to the chamber bottom.  Flat vulcanite
stem is proper and comfortable.  New.
4.6" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1 1/8 oz., 32 grams. $245.
Senatorov #117330CO
With its wide-open draw and a shank that looks nearly as
capacious as the bowl, this pipe has more than a hint of reverse
calabash about it.  The blast is certainly appealing, and looking
at a number of the Russian pipe makers on this site, all of the
blasts have that depth and character we Americans like to see.
The bowl flares out to be quite wide, but in sum, I'll call this a
Grp. 4 in size.  The ebonite stem is very flat and comfortable.
It makes for a comfortable 'clencher.'  New.
4.95" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 49 grams. $335..
Silver Filigree Pipe #210166AG (SOLD)
The silver work probably doesn't come up to the standard of
"delicate" which is how "filigree" is defined, but I didn't know
what else to call it.  It is sterling, according to the stamping on
the band, and the pipe's condition is very good (very slight
wear at one point of the inner rim) and the pipe, while not
branded, appears to be far better briar than most silver en-
meshed pipes, which are often made by Medico.  It's Grp. 4 size.
5.9" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 44 grams. $35.
With such a unique shape, and shallow chamber, it's hard to
say if this is a Grp. 3 or 4 in size.  All-in-all, probably a 4.  The
draw is open, & indeed, with a little crimp of the cleaner tip, it
goes all the way through.  Flat, comfortable stem.  Ebonite. New
4.7" long, bowl 1.3" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 47 grams. $225.
Dunhill Ceramic Ashtrays #45252SW
You're aware, perhaps, of the pipe ad that explains that from
company X, the pipe you see is the pipe you'll get (is that
somehow revelatory?).  Fat chance of us adhering to that
upstanding policy.  The ashtray you see might not be the
ashtray you get.  Even I don't know if you're getting the ashtray
you see.  The problem is this...there are 3 sizes of this exact
same ashtray, and I photographed one of the sizes...but do not
recall which...whichever one is pictured here represents all of
them.  They look exactly the same in a photo.. The details:
1. 7" square...$60
2. 5.75" sq....$45
3. 4.75" sq....$25
These are all without chips or other flaws, as far as I can tell.
Be aware that weight determines shipping cost.
Meerschaum #45245
Yes, this does come in a fitted case, which I forgot to shoot.
It's about a Grp. 6 size and I like to call this shape the Spittoon.
The draw is good, if not great.  Perhaps I can open it a bit.
The stem is either new (which I suspect) or pristine.  It has
marks on the bowl, but so what...smoke it and color it over. Used
6" long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 52 grams. $35.
Cherapanov #529115
A large Group 6 with a lot of briar in the bowl, so this will be a
heavy pipe.  the cond. is near-new, the draw is wide-open & a
pipe cleaner flows into the chamber.  You can see the straight
grain and the Bird's Eye on the bottom of the bowl.  The stem is
vulcanite & the trim ring on the shank is acrylic.  Used.
5.3" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 2 7/8 oz., 82 grams. $225.